Professional Web Design
for Bus/Coach Rental Service

Keep customers coming, just like buses do.

Create a website and promote your business as Malaysia’s reliable rental, hire and leasing service provider for tour buses, coach, car, van, and minibus. Here’s what a website can do for your bus rental/booking business:

Bypass travel agency booking or referrals

Skip the queue and communicate directly with interested customers. Get reliable leads via your website without having to rely on a third party such as a travel agency

Increase Profit Margins

Remove middleman costs. Increase your profit margin by liaising and arranging directly with customers

Target Inbound Tourists

Target a different set of market from local competitors. An online presence allows you to cater to international tourists that usually travel for longer and spend more money than domestic travellers

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Easy-To-Use CMS

We use the world's most popular CMS WordPress. It is extremely intuitive and simple to use, making it easy for users to add and manage content by themselves when needed.

SEO Optimization

Each website by Webina is optimized with Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, and SEO-friendly copywriting. This helps increase search rankings organically and obtain quality leads online.

100% Responsive

Webina's websites will display correctly on any device that users are browsing on. Responsive websites are also heavily favoured by search engines and will contribute to higher traffic.

Security As Priority

Hackers will exploit any opportunity to steal traffic, data, and server resources. This is why Webina develops websites based on the latest up-to-date best practices and secure server setups.

Bus/Coach Rental Website Design Package

Get an attractive bus rental service website starting from an upfront one-time fee of RM 699*. Then pay a minimal maintenance fee every year that also includes website monitoring, security, updates and maintenance.

Click on each item to learn more:

Webina’s bus for rent/coach rental service website comes with a single-page multi section landing site. 

This landing page design includes up to 6 essential bus booking sections such as About, Services, Fleet Details, Route Options, Testimonials and Contact Us.

You can customize these sections if needed at no extra charge.

Your website is designed to work well with different displays, giving customers the best user experience no matter what device they’re browsing from.

Your website will be fully optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We employ the best technical practices and on-page keyword optimization to give your website excellent visibility in search engine results.

An SSL Certificate enables HTTPS and offers complex encryption for your website’s data. This will help your website avoid showing browser ‘not secure’ warnings for users and increase its trust and search ranking on search engines.

Maximize your digital success with compelling copy written by a professional copywriter. Give us basic information regarding your bus/coach rental business and we’ll turn it into writing that converts! Your bus rental website comes with FREE 1000 words. 

Your bus/coach rental service website comes with free 1GB storage space. Webina ensures that you always have enough storage space to meet your requirements – from a small personal site to a complex company web page or a popular online e-commerce store.

Get 1-year free maintenance & hosting under Care Basic when you sign up for our accounting web package. You’ll also receive free updates, backups, and monitoring.

Creating your website has never been more affordable, or more hassle-free.

Stock photos are considered an expensive high-converting resource in the marketing world. They are a good website resource to lend credibility and professionalism to your brand.

We all hate spam. It’s annoying. It hurts your site’s credibility. And it can be time-consuming to clean up manually. This is why our websites come built with a FREE anti-spam protection system, so that you can focus on more important things that aren’t spam.

When it comes to deciding which bus company to use, the testimonials of past customers are vital. Customer reviews are an important part of growing your online business. They will significantly improve the conversion rate of visitors to customers on your company’s website. They achieve this simply by lending credibility to your website and encouraging people to purchase your services.

Based on the best practices in web design and conversion optimisation, we’ll craft effective contact forms that you can place anywhere on your site. Provide customers with an easy way to get in touch with your business.

Track your customers and statistics such as country, age, gender, interest, search intent etc. Google Analytics is the best traffic report tool to help you optimize site conversion for your audience.

Optional Add-Ons*

Upgrade Site Functionality & More

Introducing unlimited scalability. Create as many pages as you like and expand your online presence as needed. With more content on your site, you’ll have a higher content potential to reach wider audiences.

Increase your outreach and boost visibility. Upgrade your site to enable multiple languages such as English, Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin, and more! 

Long-form content dominates search rankings and provides high audience value. It’s more engaging, more shareable and overall better for SEO. Your audience responds positively to something that answers their questions and solves their problems. Let this be the catalyst for your sales. 

Add more value to your website. Request for additional features such as document viewer, user login, appointment calendar, events display, integrated chat system, interactive promos, animated charts, audio player and more.

Got questions?

Refer to our Website FAQ below or have a friendly chat with our development team. We're always happy to answer questions about our work.

Let's Chat!

Maintenance Renewal

Maintain your website's backend and regularly update your site's content to make it relevant to your audience. We offer content, hosting, security and updates, backups, support, and peace of mind. 

View Maintenance Packages

* RM699 promo pricing includes FREE 1-year Maintenance & Hosting (Care Basic) and all attributes listed. No discounts for clients who already have their own domain names/hosting services. From the 2nd year onwards, subscribe to one of our care plans that include hosting/domain renewal and web maintenance.
* Optional Add-Ons are not included in base promo package and will be charged separately.

Websites For The Tourism Industry

Pack your bags. We’re off for a holiday! That is precisely how a good travel website can make you feel. With vibrant imagery and copy that feels alive, it should awaken the wanderlust in any visitor.

Become Your Local Travel Hub

Your website has the potential to become a travel hub for visitors with good info and captivating visuals. Turn their dreams into thrilling travel experiences and grow your business as a result - all thanks to your website.

Web Content That Generates Leads

A travel site can provide potential travellers with all of the details they need to plan their trip. Showcase destinations, share valuable tips and spread desire. Once a visitor is convinced that they need to see the sights in the photos for themselves, it's easy to turn their interest into bookings.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors

Whether you're a travel agency, travel service provider, event hosting agency, or visitor bureau, we've got you covered. We specialize in travel website design that caters strongly to your market and keeps you ahead of your online competition.

Simplify Operations

A website can be a valuable time-saver for your travel business. Simplify the booking process with a booking form. Reduce in-mail inquiries with straightforward travel information that immediately answers visitors' questions on your website.

Bus/Coach Rental Web Design FAQ

Common questions we get asked about our Bus/Coach Rental Services Web Design Services.

If you have zero working knowledge of web design, then our services are perfect for you. We’ve made things super simplistic. From information gathering, sitemap planning, content writing, assembly and even post-project maintenance, Webina handles it all. All you have to do is provide us with the info we require (we’ll provide you with a simple answering template) and we’ll complete the rest. 

You won’t find a more hands-free approach. Webina’s goal is to be an all-in-one digital partner to handle all the technical aspects to digitization so that you can focus on generating ideas and growing your business. 

  1. Client Onboarding to get a better understanding of your needs.
  2. Once information is finalized, we begin work on the website.
  3. 3 – 5 business days later, we produce a website preview.
  4. Client provides input for any changes or edits.
  5. After final payment, the finished product is passed over to client. 

Not only is it good practice to update your site’s content, but it’s also critical for performance and security (website hacks are not pretty). This is why web maintenance is one of our core services. Depending on your site package with us, you’ll get web support and maintenance ranging from comprehensive to basic. To view our web maintenance packages, please click here.

This completely depends on your site requirements. There is a vast difference in work scope for single page landing sites and 10-page brochure sites. There is also the research and design work to consider. For bus/coach rental services websites with a single sales page, we’d say expect an average delivery timeframe of about 3 – 5 days (after info submission).

This is a great question! As the digital landscape evolves to become more accessible on almost any device, more and more people are accessing the web via small screens than ever. This trend is likely to continue. You risk losing out on a large portion of your potential audience if your site does not view or function properly on a smartphone or tablet device.

This is why Webina’s sites are built to be responsive and mobile-friendly. We adhere to the Google-recommended (and industry-recommended) best practices for building websites that are responsive, consistent and provide an ideal user experience for all devices. 

We are upfront with our charges. We list all the features you get on our package web pages. Your bus/coach rental services web design package includes FREE 1-year domain purchase and hosting, a FREE SSL Certificate, the stated amount of web pages and a fixed number of FREE copy words per page. We will charge additional fees for extra feature implementations (optional add-ons) that are outside of your package or for custom requests.

Web design isn’t just beautiful – it’s practical. It conveys information clearly and in a way that pleases the senses. 

Functionality is important. This can range from load speed to overall responsiveness. From optimizing images to implementing SEO-friendly headings, a lot of the intricacies for design happen behind the scenes. This is why Webina approaches design from a function first, appearance second perspective.

But this doesn’t mean we forget about visual appeal and quality content. On the contrary, the visual content on your website keeps customers engaged and moves them speedily along the buying process. It is not something we take lightly.

However, we will first ensure that the site plays well with functional factors (such as UI, load speed, search engine optimization, CTAs etc) before diving into visuals.

Yes, we know about those. Are they scams? Probably not. Are they good websites? Probably not.

Do you really want a website filled with useless text that has no SEO value whatsoever? And with visuals that should have been forgotten 10 years ago? Getting a RM500 site is possible, but remember that at the end of the day, your customers are the one viewing your site. They are the ones forming an image of your brand in less than the time it takes to finish a cup of coffee. They are the ones deciding whether to spend the money on your products – all this based on the image your website presents. When the stakes are this high, it’s worth re-considering how much you are willing to invest for a website.

A professional website should also include the latest security, regular maintenance (to prevent compromise), quality content that converts, and clear lead generation strategies. Webina provides all this, and more.

Remember, consultation with Webina is always free and we are here to help you get your hands on your business’s first website. And we just might be able to save you a few thousand bucks (and much headache) along the way. Approach us now with your ideas!


Before we start working together, we’ll have a phone call or a Zoom meeting to talk about the project. The majority of our contact will take place via email or Whatsapp once we get started.

This simplifies the process because we’ll have all of the data you provided and can refer to it later. You’ll also be entitled to free training to teach you how to use your website.

This may vary according to what kind of website you want. We’ll be able to find out more during our information collecting call/meeting before we start working together.

Depending on which package you go for, we’ll generally need:

  • Business details
  • Images of your business
  • Images of your employees
  • Any text you’d like to see included (for the bulk of the text, we can copywrite for you based on our prior interview)
  • Links to videos you’d like added to your website

If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. We will write, edit and upload the content for your website. We have our own in-house copywriter who can write your website’s content for you so that you won’t have to spend time and energy thinking of attractive copywriting.

All we request is a short onboarding call (either through Zoom or other forms of communication that you’re comfortable with, such as Whatsapp) before we begin. We’ll ask you a series of questions related to your business and the services you offer. Imagine a casual chat. Once we have that, we’ll begin researching your market and suggest any changes to the base package (if necessary). Otherwise, we’ll proceed with writing content for the number of pages listed in your site package. 

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