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6 reasons why WordPress is the perfect website building platform for small business owners

WordPress, the most used content management system in the world, powers over 75 million websites and is the platform of choice for over 25% of the top 10,000 websites. Companies use it for all the reasons you’d expect: its ease of use, flexibility, and robust design and development options. Here are 6 reasons why we think WordPress is the non-disputed…

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5 Reasons You Need To Get A Website For Your Business

There are so many reasons why having a website has become so important in today's business world. Gone are the days when businesses could get by without a website simply because few people had the internet, or because a website didn't add much value. Today, having a proper website is almost an essential component of any business, and many businesses…

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How does a website work? Can I build my own?

We get this question a lot. Technology is advancing quickly, and there seems to be an online service for just about anything these days. So yes, the short answer is: you CAN create your own website. But is it practical? Basics Of A Website Before we get into anything more, let’s first get to the basics. It’s OK if you’re not tech savvy.…

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